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As well as a love of design and art I've had many other hobbies and interests in my life.


My favourite sports to watch are football and motor racing, although I've recently developed an interest in American football. I used to SCUBA dive regularly, gaining a Dive Leader qualification, but haven't found time to dive recently.


I still love using wood to sculpt and have recently acquired a lathe, so I now spend any spare weekend hours in my workshop creating bowls, tealights, door wedges and anything else that takes my fancy, but mostly making piles of sawdust.


I also enjoy writing and have taken Creative writing courses including one through Open University. Although its difficult to find the time to write, my first novel is about a third completed and I'm hoping to publish it by the end of 2016.


For a while I set up a business making electric guitars, and even managed to sell a few, but unfortunately found it impossible to compete with cheap imports from abroad.


I've always been interested in music having played guitar and drums in various bands over the years. You can see video of me drumming at: